Shapes and types

Our Core Focus PowerPoint Diagram
Our Core Focus Diagram. A diagram that can be used to present the main focus of a business or business See Download
Relationship Diagram for PowerPoint
  Relationship Diagram for PowerPoint See Download
Eight Items PowerPoint Diagram
Eight Items PowerPoint Diagram. A simple diagram to present a central idea and 8 surrounding items that contribute to it. See Download
Four Step Pyramid 3D PPT Diagram
Four Step Pyramid PPT 3D Diagram. A simple pyramid diagram to present information that is dependent on hierarchical or ascending See Download
Work Process PowerPoint Diagram
Work Process PowerPoint Diagram. A simple 5 step diagram that can be used to present a work process or any See Download
Color Option Ideas PPT Diagram
Color Option Ideas PPT Diagram. This diagram is simply made to present a series of ideas in a way that See Download
Multicolor Circle PowerPoint Diagram
4 Step Multi-color Diagram for PowerPoint. You can use this diagram to represent a process with 4 steps that are See Download
Golden Circle PowerPoint Diagram
The Golden Circle PPT Diagram. This Golden Circle is designed to be very radiant style and can be integrated into See Download
Creative Business PowerPoint Diagram
Creative Business Diagram. A radial diagram to present the multiple areas that conform a creative business. See Download
Pyramid Project PowerPoint Diagram
Pyramid Project PowerPoint Diagram. The diagram is made to help you present a project where steps are dependent on lower See Download
Project PowerPoint Diagram
Project PowerPoint Diagram. The project diagram can be used to represent a project and the parts that make it up. See Download