Shapes and types

Pyramid Chart PPT Infographic
Pyramid Chart PPT Infographic. Pyramid infographics are often used to present data in a way that resembles a chart but See Download
Lead Scoring Process PPT Diagram
Lead Scoring Process PPT Diagram. This diagram is meant to be used as a visualization tool that can help you See Download
5 Important Points PPT Diagram
5 Important Points PPT Diagram. This is a very simple diagram to help you present a few ideas that are See Download
Eight Items PowerPoint Diagram
Eight Items PowerPoint Diagram. A simple diagram to present a central idea and 8 surrounding items that contribute to it. See Download
Petal Idea Design PPT Diagram
Petal Idea Design PPT Diagram. The petal diagram is very useful when presenting information that originates in one central point See Download
Colored Steps PowerPoint Diagram
Colored Steps PowerPoint Diagram. The diagram is made to give you a way to present several concepts in a way See Download
Funnel Process PowerPoint Diagram
Funnel Process PowerPoint Diagram. The funnel diagram is going to help you when you want to present processes where users See Download
Five Step Business Process PPT Diagram
  Five Step Business Process Diagram. You can use this slide to represent a business process that consists of linear See Download
Process Concept PowerPoint Diagram
  Process Concept PowerPoint Diagram. The purpose of this diagram is to illustrate a process and the multiple factors that See Download
Prosci’s Project Change Triangle PPT
  Prosci’s Project Change Triangle for PowerPoint The Prosci PCT (Project Change Triangle) See Download
Six Step Process PPT Diagram
Six Step Process PPT Diagram. This diagram makes it easy to present a 6 step process and the concepts related See Download
Colors Idea PowerPoint Diagram
Colors – Idea PowerPoint Diagram. A simple diagram to help you present your ideas better. The diagram can help to See Download