Shapes and types

Hexagon PPT Diagram
Hexagon PPT Diagram. A hexagon diagram that can be used to present a set of ideas related to one central See Download
Relationship Diagram for PowerPoint
  Relationship Diagram for PowerPoint See Download
8 Step Circle PowerPoint Diagram
8 Step Circle Diagram. You can use this slides to represent a circular or cyclical process. The diagram is created See Download
Blue Concept Cycle PPT Diagram
Blue Concept Cycle PPT Diagram. This diagram is helpful when presenting information about a business cycle and the many stages See Download
Interconnected Process PowerPoint Diagram
Interconnected Process PowerPoint Diagram. The diagram is meant to give you a way to present several factors that are interconnected See Download
Triangle Timeline PowerPoint Diagram
Triangle Timeline PowerPoint Diagram. The timeline is very innovative in its layout because it is not a conventional line but See Download
Strategy Deployment Diagram PowerPoint
Strategy Deployment Diagram PowerPoint See Download
Circle Process PPT Infographic
Circle Process PPT Infographic. The circle process infographic is very useful for presenting process and the necessary information related to See Download
Five Step Business Process PPT Diagram
  Five Step Business Process Diagram. You can use this slide to represent a business process that consists of linear See Download
Linear Process PowerPoint Diagram
Linear Process PowerPoint Diagram. The template is designed to help you Present a Process that moves forward linearly. Another possible See Download
Work Process PowerPoint Diagram
Work Process PowerPoint Diagram. A simple 5 step diagram that can be used to present a work process or any See Download
Colored Steps PowerPoint Diagram
Colored Steps PowerPoint Diagram. The diagram is made to give you a way to present several concepts in a way See Download