Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs PPT Multicolor Diagram

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Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs PPT Multicolor Diagram. The pyramid of human needs was developed by psychologist Abraham Maslow. The diagram represents the needs that a human needs to fulfill in order to achieve psychological health or well-being.

The main needs that a human needs to fulfill are the following:

– Physical Needs. Such as water, food, shelter, sleep.

– Safety Needs. Such as protection from the elements, order, or law.

– Social Needs. Belonging, love, and affection.

– Esteem Needs. Self-respect, independence, achievement.

– Self Actualization. Transcendence or Reaching Full Potential.

Maslow’s Pyramid is often used to analyze the level of employee engagement and their level of happiness. The diagram is also called Maslow’s hierarchy of employee engagement when used in a corporate setting.

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