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Deming Wheel Diagram PPT PowerPoint download
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Deming Wheel Diagram PPT PowerPoint download.

Deeming analysis was originally created by Edward Deeming to analyze multiple stages in product management, product improvement, and quality control.

PDCA stands for: Plan, Do, Check and Act.

The Deeming Wheel is a 4 stage cyclical process that gives insight into multiple steps of a product cycle.

Although it was originally intended for product management, through time companies have adopted Deeming analysis for other areas such as project management and systems administration.

The Deeming Wheel is used primarily by businesses that make physical goods because it allows them to get cyclical feedback when trying to improve the manufacturing process.

But it has also been adopted by learning institutions and companies that provide services, because it allows them to get insights into planning and overall quality control.

The template is fully editable in PowerPoint.